Friday, August 10, 2012


well, we've been pretty busy here lately.

i had a work trip, which was a blast! the firm has a firm outing every year, and i was invited to go {i'm only an intern, so it was pretty awesome that they invited me to go!}. it was at a cabin in pigeon forge/gatlinburg. i'll post about that another day :)

i also finished up my summer semester of grad school {thank god that's over!}. i have about 2 weeks before the fall semester starts. not much of a summer, huh? i'm trying to soak it up because it's the last bit of summer i'll ever get, because next year i'll be a big girl and have a big girl job, and there are no summers then. why aren't there summers?? or spring breaks? or, at the least, nap time.

addison and i have been a little sickly this past week. which can also attribute to my absence on the blog. she's starting to feel better {she went to the doctor and got some antibiotics and is using her inhaler again}, but i'm starting to feel a little worse. hoping that my meds will start kicking in soon!

my mom and i are headed to the beach tomorrow for a girls trip. we wanted to do it this summer since i probably won't be free to do it anytime in the near future {you know, since i won't have anymore summers}.

addison is pumped about getting to spend lots of time with her papa and mimi. i really don't think she'll even miss us. i sure will miss her though!

hope everyone has a great weekend, and week! be back with lots of fun posts after my trip!


Paige said...

Have a great trip :)