Thursday, August 23, 2012

fun times at the fair

monday night we ventured out to the wilson county fair.

i can't remember the last time i went to a fair.

i was supposed to have class that night, but it was cancelled. so we took that opportunity to go!

i don't really know what i expected.

and let me tell you -- i seriously had more fun than i ever could have imagined.

the rides at the fair are kind of pricey. it cost 3 tickets for the rides that addison could ride, and even more for adult rides. and each ticket was $1. so ya, a little steep. my mom thought it would be best if we just got addison's hand stamped, which cost $20, and it let her ride all the rides as many times as she wanted. and it was definitely worth it!

the fair had 4 of the same sort of ride, just different vehicles. they all went around in circles. there was a car, boat, motorcycle, and 4-wheeler. addison rode those at least 2 times each.

addison was so excited because there would be horses at the fair. she kept asking if she could ride one. she didn't get to ride any {although there were ponies at a different part of the fair, but she didn't ride those either because she had ridden ponies twice!! the day before}.

there was also a cow that addison kept trying to make moo. some man walked up beside her to see the cow and she asked him if he could make the cow moo. he, too, was unsuccessful.

when we got addison's hand stamped, the man asked why my mom and i weren't getting out hands stamped. we said that we didn't really plan on riding any rides, and that unless it was free, we weren't going to get it. and then he tried to be all sneaky and stamped my hand for free. score!

i'm not really a fair ride person. i'd prefer the rides that stay in one place and aren't capable of being packed up and moved. it just feels a little safer that way, ya know? so the stamp may have been a slight waste on me, but it did allow me to ride a couple rides with addison for free.

and i got to ride pretty much the only adult fair ride i'll ride. how many times can i say ride in a sentence? apparently at least 3. oh well. it's the swing ride. i love swinging. not the adult creepy swinging {gross!}, but the kid swinging like at the park. the swing ride was right by where addison's rides were. and i rode it!! fo free.

i rode with addison on the guerrilla spinny ride. such fun. there were 2 other little boys in there with us. their dad just dropped them off in there and left. they were cute and nice, though, so it was all good. and i spun us around a bunch. i may have gotten a little dizzy. maybe.

we also rode the elephant flying ride. this ride was probably as close to real fair rides as i'll get. if i hadn't been in there with addison, i'm pretty sure she would've fallen out. good thing i was there! she had fun though, so it was worth it.

can you tell it's a fake smile? oh well. i still like it :)

we also rode the carousel a few times. i felt like i was going to fall down while standing next to addison. but i didn't {go me!}.

gigi mainly wanted to go to the fair to get a funnel cake. she may say that she wanted to take addison, but i'm convinced it was mainly for the funnel cake :) she did share with addison, which was very kind of her.

and i indulged in the fair food and got a fried snickers. yes, fried snickers. and it was delicious. i kind of wish i had gotten a fried twinkie. but that will be on the menu at the next fair. addison didn't want any of mine, so i got it all to myself. and i ate every bite!

things we did at the fair that aren't pictured:

watched little piggies race. funny and entertaining. and the pigs got a treat after. win win.

the petting zoo. all of the animals were caged it, so it wasn't like a walk around and pet the animals. but you could stick your hand in and pet them. they had llamas {or emus. i don't really know the difference}, cows, camels {!!!}, goats, and turtles {they were very unexciting. but really, a turtle in a petting zoo?}. a goat bit addison's finger. but she was offering it like food, so what are ya gonna do? she was fine. i laughed.

the fair was a blast. it's a fabulous place to people watch and eat terribly unhealthy food. and there are tons of things for kids {and adults!} to do.

if you live in the area, you should definitely go. i think saturday is the last day, so get going!!

has anyone gone to the wilson county fair this year? or a fair around where you live?