Monday, August 20, 2012

beach vacation

my mom and i took a trip to the beach last week.

we headed down to daytona on saturday morning and came home friday.

i don't think addison even missed us. she got to spend lots of time with her daddy and papa and mimi. but she was really happy to see us when we got back!! and i was even more happy to see her :)

it stormed pretty much every afternoon/evening that we were there. that was ok, though, because we had gotten enough beach time in by the time it started to storm. and beach storms are always fun to watch {at least as much fun as a storm can be for a girl that's scared of storms}.

we had a great, relaxing time. i read 3 books while we were there. unfortunately, my kindle messed up and the screen went out on the top, so i read the last 2 books on my phone.

we walked to the pier, i had the most amazing grilled cheese {provolone and spinach. yum!}, and we had an awesome red velvet cookie with ice cream.

i got to facetime with addison. she wasn't too interested at the time, so it didn't last long. but it was nice to see her face!!

our last day there, we had lunch at the dancing avocado kitchen before we headed out. if you know me, you know that i LOVE avocados. like, i would marry an avocado. but then i would probably go to jail for murdering my spouse because i would totally eat it. anywho, i love avocados. and the restaurant was delicious.

we left the beach on thursday and went up georgia to do some shopping. we stayed in macon thursday night and then got up and went to atlanta friday morning. we hit up ikea and h&m. those stores rock my face off. i just wish we had them closer. oh well. i racked up at h&m. and when i move out, i'll be hitting up ikea for lots of fun home things!

i had a blast on my vacation with my mom. it was nice to get away and relax before getting back to the grind of school. and it's always nice to come home with a tan! but i'm so glad to be home with my girl :)