Tuesday, July 31, 2012

swim lessons - week 2

the place addison takes swim lessons only goes through july.

and since her first week of lessons this summer was the middle of july, i didn't really think she'd be able to do a second week.

but after her first week, she definitely would've benefited from doing a second week. she was doing so well, it needed to keep going.

i emailed about getting her into another class, and they had a class the last week of july in the afternoon.

so i signed her up.

we were going to be on our way home from the beach that monday, so she'd have to miss that class. i talked to them and they said she could come to two classes on tuesday to replace mondays class.

addison's dad and i took her on tuesday. she was AWESOME!!

so awesome that we got to sit by the pool and watch. normally, we hang out under the carport so she can't see us and get upset. she was doing really well the first week, but we didn't want to take any chances by sitting by the pool.

but we went for it that day, and she did great!!

she started getting tired during the second class and we could tell she was ready to leave. but she pushed through it and did fabulously.

my mom took her wednesday, and she wasn't bad luck!! addison did awesome that day too. there was a boy that's older than addison that didn't do too well. makes me glad addison is doing well now :)

my dad and i took her on thursday. my dad had taken me some when i was a kid {i went to the same lady}. he was really excited to go watch addison. he's been really into helping her practice at his pool. addison did great again that day.

friday was her last day for the week {and summer}.

my mom and i took her. and, like the whole week, she was awesome.


my kid was swimming. yes, swimming. she was doing the backstroke. and bubbles and roll. it was so crazy!

she may not be doing it perfect, but she's 3. i'm amazed how well she did. she's probably better than me!

and for you're viewing pleasure, you can see her swimming for yourself!

we will definitely be working a lot in the pool the rest of this summer.

i'm so proud of her!