Tuesday, July 3, 2012

no cavity club

addison had her 3rd dentist appointment last week.

she loves the dentist. i guess she's at the age that it's not something to dread. wonder how long that will last.

i told her that if she did well, she could have whatever she wanted for breakfast.

and of course she was perfect!

she was really into mickey mouse clubhouse while we waited.

she rocked her sunglasses and watched tv while she had her teeth cleaned. she didn't even flinch the whole time.

her teeth looked great! apparently i brush her teeth well. if only i got that praise when i went to the dentist...

she got to pick out a toy since she didn't have any cavities. after she picked out her toy, she wanted to go give the lady who cleaned her teeth a hug. she always says she wants to give a "big hug". so she went and gave the lady a big hug, and the lady told addison to go pick out another toy. i bet she'll be giving lots of big hugs next time!

addison picked shipley's for breakfast {despite me trying to convince her to go to waffle house. i love waffle house}. but, i love shipley's too. they have the best donuts. i'm a fan of the donut holes though.

the people at shipley's know addison because her dad takes her in there about once a week. addison was so excited picking out what she wanted. she got some chocolate, powered, and cinnamon donut holes. we shared :)

she actually eats them in two bites {usually}. which is surprising because girl can take some big bites.

proud girl holding her no cavity club certificate.

and just for fun, here is addison after her first dentist appointment.

it was just over a year ago. gosh, my baby has grown up so much. i seriously just got teary eyed.