Monday, June 25, 2012

sounds game, round 2

friday night, we attempted the sounds game for a second time.

and it was a success!

since the last game got rained out, we got free tickets for another game. but we didn't actually have the tickets until we got there. there was no guarantee that we'd be in the same seats as the other game {and we weren't}, but we'd get tickets equal to the original ones.

we sat fairly close to our original seats, just a little ways down the first base line. we were still behind the net, so that was good! and we were in the shade. which was most important, cause it was kinda hot.

addison trash talked the other team. it was pretty funny. she went and said something about them having big butts. and then she'd giggle. silly girl.

before the game, we put her on top of the dugout to get a picture. she was embarrassed at first, then she started dancing. she's been dancing a lot lately. like really getting down. it's quite entertaining.

she pigged out again on a hot dog. and fries. she was kind enough to share her fries with me. they ended up being my dinner. and i really didn't mind.

she wanted to have glasses like papa. she put some sunglasses on and pretended to read something. goober.

addison saw the mascot at our first attempt to the game and he patted her on the back. she couldn't stop talking about it, and she kept saying that he was going to do it again. she looked for him the entire night, but he never ended up coming over to our section. so at one point, we went searching for him. and we found him! addison ran right up to him and posed for a picture. then i was forced to go pose awkwardly with them. let me tell you, that mascot suit must have been hot because he didn't smell very good. but at least addison got to see him!

and for dessert, dippin dots, of course!! addison got rainbow, i got chocolate. and addison ended up wanting to share my chocolate and not eating her rainbow. lucky for her, i'm a good sharer.

the night ended with fireworks. the sounds lost, but they do fireworks every friday night. addison loved it. and the fireworks were really good! the kids got to run the bases after the fireworks, but addison asked to go home. we left around 11, so it was way past her bedtime anyways. i kind of wanted to take her to run around the bases, but since the game lasted pretty long, we just needed to go home. maybe next time!

i'm excited for our next sounds game! i hadn't been to one since before addison was born. now that i know she can make it through one {with some bribing of food and phone games}, we'll definitely be going back!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Fun! I want to take Evie to a Sounds game. 11 is late! Cute pictures.