Friday, June 22, 2012

how is it friday?

well, this week went by fast.

i've been pretty busy with school. i'm almost done with the first 5 week session, so everything that piles up at the end of the session is now here. 5 week classes suck. you get it done fast, but there's just so much to do. and going monday-thursday is no fun. oh well. almost half way done! then i get to do another 2 classes in the second 5 week session. and then i get to do it all over again for 2 more semesters.

anyway, this week.

addison got to eat off of her awesome flea market find cafeteria tray. i think it's pretty cool. reminds me of grade school. she's really into reading her books to me, and the things she comes up with are pretty hilarious. and again, she pigged out on some fruity pebbles. those things are delish, if i do say so myself.

we went to lunch with papa on tuesday. addison devoured her mac and cheese. i also got yelled at for blocking the tv. oops. she has been insisting on wearing dresses and skirts that "twirl" or "spin". and by god if they don't, the world will for sure end. and this applies to princess dresses too. she can spin for days.

thursday was water day at school. addison got to wear her swimsuit and water shoes. the girl was super pumped. she said they had a sprinkler and water toys. and that it was SO MUCH FUN! i'm now addicted to jimmy john's. i get the veggie wrapped in lettuce, and it's yummy. and i feel healthy eating it because, well, it's wrapped in lettuce. today addison picked out her clothes, and we got a flamingo shirt with a polka dot skirt. and she requested braided pigtails. the girl knows what she wants. it wasn't outrageous, so i just let it fly.

we're attempting the sounds game again tonight. hopefully it won't rain on us again!! i'm excited for more ball park food. and beer.

it's supposed to be pretty hot this weekend, so i foresee some indoor activities. or pool activities. or both. who knows.

hope everyone has a great weekend!