Sunday, June 3, 2012

steppin out saturday - movie in the park

saturday, we stepped out to a movie in the park.

they were playing the smurfs {yay! slight sarcasm here}.

i was excited to take addison for a fun, free night.

they had games and chickfila cows running around and music before the movie started, and addison loved every minute of it!

on addison: dress, h&m // shoes, thrifted
on me: tank, target // shorts, j crew // shoes, rainbows

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while the park is really close {like, walking distance}, we drove over. it was on the other side of the park and i had a bag and 2 chairs to carry. not to mention addison.

addison played games, danced her little booty off, and ended up making a couple little friends.

seriously. she sat with her legs crossed. who is this little girl and what did she do with my baby??

by the time the movie started {which was around addison's bed time}, addison was getting a little tired. she wanted to sit in my lap, which i was more than happy to allow. it had gotten a little chilly, and i had just brought her a blanket. we shared some skittles and cuddled up.

we ended up leaving about an hour into the movie. some other families had already left, so we weren't the only party poopers.

addison and i both had a blast! it's definitely fun getting to do special things together, just me and her.


Ashley said...

You and Addison are absolutely adorable!!! I love that bow. If I ever have a girl, she will wear that type of bow all the time :-)