Wednesday, June 20, 2012

our weekend

ok, so maybe it wasn't the weekend, exactly. more like thursday and friday.

i was seriously jealous of the dress addison wore to school on thursday. i got it on sale at gap. i love it! it's a super cute print. i wish they had it in my size. i was greeted when i got home thursday to a child that wanted to throw a massive fit. that child was also still in her princess dress {she got to sleep in it. lucky girl!}.

friday morning, in said princess dress, she stuffed her face with fruity pebbles. look at that bite!! she wore her sunglasses shirt to school on friday. we also attempted to go to a sounds game that night. unfortunately, it started pouring right when we got there. they had covered the field, but we were going to wait it out. addison got a hot dog {which she devoured}, a foam finger, and an icee. there were a few times that the rain stopped and we went down to our seats, but then it would start up again and we went back in where the concessions were. the game ended up being cancelled, but we get to go to another one for free. so we're going to try again this friday. at least we got to have our ball park food!


Courtney said...

Oh goodness! Well, at least you get a freebie:) The Sounds are on our summer bucket list!