Thursday, June 14, 2012

little bits of happiness

i thought i'd give little bits of happiness a try this week.

i took this little girl to 2 movies this week.

we went to see madagascar 3 on sunday. we met one of addison's friends from school and her mom there. they ware SO funny together. it makes me so happy to see addison with her little friends. the movie was really cute, and the girls had a blast! i liked the movie, but i think i had more fun watching them play together {until the end when it was nap time and they both fed off of each others fussiness and it just wasn't pretty. but i'll just forget about that part.}

addison and her baby.

we also saw happy feet 2 on tuesday. there are $1 movies on tuesdays and wednesdays for a few weeks this summer, so i thought we'd try that out. we met up with one of my friends and her little boy. addison says he's her baby and tells people all about him. but he really isn't a baby anymore. they play 2 movies both days at 10 am. i think they're doing it all over, not just in tennessee. so you should check out the theaters and movies and see if there's one near you! i had to select the state because it wouldn't work with my zip code. we will definitely be taking advantage of the movies this summer!

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Courtney said...

Fun! Our local theater has $2 days and you would not believe the crowds!! I took my boys to see Puss In Boots but it was a little scary. We'll have to put Madagascar and Happy Feet on our list though:)

kendra @ little almanac said...

I've been DYING to see Madagascar 3. My husband and I never go to the movies anymore, but I told him that would be the one I would be willing to pay a babysitter for so we could go see it. How silly is that :)