Sunday, June 10, 2012

steppin out saturday - birthday party and mexican

yesterday we stepped out to a birthday party.

i didn't get any pictures from the party {oops}, but addison had a blast.

i think addison was the youngest kid there {or at least the youngest girl}. it was a water party, so addison got to wear her bathing suit. woo hoo!

all of the older kids did so well with addison. they were all going with her down the water slide and holding her hand on the trampoline.

we were there most of the afternoon {and through nap time}. when it was time to go, oh goodness. she said she wanted my mom and i to leave, and she wanted to stay there forever. and when i eventually just picked her up to make her leave, it was like carrying a screaming, flailing sack of potatoes.

guess who passed out pretty much as soon as we got in the car {after a few more tears about leaving}??

we ended up going to mexican for dinner. i haven't been in what feels like forever {really just a few weeks, if that}. but since we had been going once a week after gymnastics, i was so used to it. now that i have class at night, i haven't been able to go to our weekly mexican.

on addison: dress, h&m // shoes, crocs
on me: sweater, loft // tank, old navy // shorts, j crew // shoes, no idea {got them from a friend}

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my mom has a love for flamingos. she got a ton at a yard sale yesterday, so when we got home she decided to put some in the yard. and then addison wanted to kiss one.

i'm not ready for the week to start back. if it's been anything like the past few weeks, it will be packed with work and school, and then seem to just fly by after the fact.

hope everyone has a good week!!


Katie said...

cute pictures! I LOVE those shoes! and I want your hair! :) hope you have a good day!!