Tuesday, July 10, 2012

swim lessons

addison started swim lessons yesterday.

she's going back to the same place she went last year.

her first week last year wasn't great. but she went for a second week and improved a lot. and then she went back a few weeks after that for another week, and was even better!!

her last day of swim lessons last year was amazing. she had gone from screaming the entire time to actually having fun.

so yesterday, i was hoping that she would do pretty well.

not so much.

i had been trying to work with her some in the pool {the few times we've been this summer}, but i didn't do a very good job. she would resist and it was just easier to let her play than to make her practice.

no more.

my mom took her yesterday and said she was horrible. she said that i need to start making her jump in 10 times and roll to her back before she can play. so i have vowed to make her do just that every time we go to the pool.

today, addison's dad and i took her to lessons.

ms. carolyn had told my mom to have us bring something that addison loves as an incentive to do better today {really for her to hold hostage}. so we took the thing that she loves the most right now - princess dresses.

ms. carolyn also said that if addison didn't do well again today, she was going to have her stay for the class after. so she would be there for 2 hours.

i really had no hopes of only being there for 1 class. i had talked to addison and tried to reason with her to calm down and just do what i knew she could do. and she was excited and acted said she would do it. but when it came down to it, she didn't.

i sat in the car most of the first class and did homework. i could hear her screaming every now and then.

pretty much as soon as the princess dresses came out, addison hushed up. she was still going to have to stay for another class, but she stopped crying about halfway through her class and did what she was supposed to.

this was towards the end of her first class. she was finally floating on her back with all the other kids. you probably can't tell which one she is, but she's in there!

during the second class, she was the "teacher" and showed all the other kids what to do. i think she liked doing that because she's all about being the teacher at home.

hopefully tomorrow {and the rest of the week} will go as well as her second class today. my mom is taking her, but i'm sure that won't make a difference.

we shall see...