Friday, July 6, 2012

fireworks + food + fun = the fourth

holidays always throw me off. what day is it again?

trust me, i'm not complaining. we had a fabulous holiday. filled with all things summer.

we got to watch fireworks 2 nights in a row. on the 3rd, we watched and ate ice cream.

on the 4th, we took a ride in the jeep to get everything we needed for a delicious lunch. addison helped in the kitchen. she was especially good helping with the fruit pizza. we had veggie burgers, corn {which we found out addison LOVES}, black bean salad, and deviled eggs.

ok, about this black bean salad. it is my new favorite. so delicious. i added a little more avocado than it calls for because i love me some avocado. seriously, make it. yum.

after lunch, we went to papa and mimi's {my dad and step-mom} to swim. we were able to get in some quality pool time before having to head home.

as soon as we got home, we went to the park for the firetruck foam. they were spraying foam from the firetruck {if you didn't get that from the description}. dude, holy foam. in most places, it was higher than addison. luckily for me, i was still in my bathing suit, so i got in there with her {i was a little scared she would fall down and be lost in a sea of foam}. needless to say, she loved it.

we headed back home to hang out until the fireworks. we continued the festivities and had some fruit pizza as a snack. then addison had a hotdog for dinner. what's more american than that??

we headed back over to the park a little before the fireworks were supposed to start. turns out, they started almost 20 minutes late. and 20 minutes is a lot when it's already an hour past bedtime.

the fireworks finally started {they weren't near as good as the night before, though}. we didn't stay for the whole show, but we could see the finale pretty well from our house.

addison promptly passed out. holidays are pretty exhausting, if i do say so myself.

our fourth was fab, and i hope everyone else's was the same!!