Monday, July 9, 2012

grumpy mornings

ever had those mornings when everything seems to be off?


me neither.

ok, i lied.

the other morning was just like that. addison had a late night {because of the fireworks}. so someone wasn't too fond of waking up for school.

as in, she wanted to just sleep all day. i finally got her out of bed, but she continued to sleep on me.

so i let her cuddle on me for a few minutes, hoping that she would gradually wake up.

no such luck.

i finally just said she needed to get up, and that was apparently not the right thing to say.

i made her go to the potty, and i honestly thought my child had turned into some demon. she screamed the worst scream possible and flailed.

lo and behold, she did need to go potty. who would've thought?

after that, she became a different child.

i would definitely prefer this happy girl that likes to twirl her dresses over the grumpy pants that i'm sometimes faced with.

mornings are rough sometimes, especially for this momma that isn't really a morning person to begin with.