Monday, July 16, 2012

swim lessons part 2

it has been decided that my mom is bad luck.

at least when it comes to swim lessons.

addison did horrible the 2 days that my mom took her {monday & wednesday}.

but on the days that chris and i took her {tuesday & thursday}, she did great! tuesday was a little rough at first, but she got much better. and thursday she was awesome.

she floated on her back for 15 minutes thursday. she was asking to quit and to go potty, but she never stopped floating. it was funny listening to her try to get out of floating. she didn't whine, though. just politely asking. she tried to use potting as an excuse a lot. but the teachers {and us} were no fools.

friday i took addison to lessons. all by myself.

my mom was going to go, but since we figured out that she's bad luck {and it was friday the 13th}, i decided it would be best for her not to go. sorry mom!! :)

addison did awesome!! it's so crazy how she can just do a total 360. from screaming and crying to having so much fun and doing so well.

it rained during all of the lessons i went to. and friday was no exception. it actually rained more friday than any of the other days i went. which made it a little difficult to take pictures/videos. but i still managed.

here's a video of addison doing some things in the pool. it was taken on my phone, so the quality isn't great. but it'll do.

saturday i took addison over to my dad's and she did some swimming. and i kept my promise and made sure she jumped in and rolled over to her back a few times. i only got to watch her do it twice {and she did it with no complaints. she was actually excited to do it and jumped in all by herself}. my dad said that after i left, she continued to jump in and roll over to her back, and she also worked on kicking while she was on her back.

i'm SO glad that addison ended up doing better at swim lessons. more importantly, that she did what i knew she could do all along and had fun doing it.

and it's pretty awesome that she's excited to show everyone what she can do in the pool.

i'm excited to take addison to the pool and work with her. we'll definitely be going as much as we can the rest of the summer.