Friday, July 27, 2012

the beach part 2

our second day at the beach was pretty much just like the first.

we mainly hung out by the pool. did a lot of jumping in and rolling over, and playing on the float.

we didn't really do much on the beach. we went for a bit, but we didn't take any of addison's toys. and of course she used a plastic cup as a toy and probably would've stayed there for hours. it was pretty funny.

i was taking addison up to the room so she could rest, and seriously, as soon as we started leaving the pool area, they announced that they were doing face paintings.

so, of course, we had to go get in line. luckily we were one of the first in line, but it still took quite a while. addison wanted a butterfly on her cheek, but they said her face looked kind of burnt so they put it on her hand instead. and it was promptly washed off in her bath right afterwards {not on purpose, of course}.

it stormed that afternoon. lucky for us, it was the only time it stormed while we were there. the storm didn't last long, but it did make the power in our hotel go out a couple of times.

we ordered pizza for dinner that night. my friend jenna suggested hungry howie's. i had passed one on my morning runs, and we tried it out. we thought it would be an easy dinner, and we knew we wanted to be back in time for the movie that night, so that's what we decided on. it was delicious! thanks jenna :)

and the reason we wanted to watch the movie was was the little mermaid! seriously my favorite disney movie.

i don't have any pictures of them, but i was totally in love with the hotel's piƱa coladas. they were so yummy. i had at least 1 a day. i need to figure out how to make them at home.

we headed home early monday morning. we told the beach goodbye and hit up the waffle house across the street before we headed out.

i don't think i mentioned it, but when we left friday, addison did awesome. we were planning on leaving around 6, so i was going to get her up a little after 5. i was getting dressed and finishing some packing that morning, and i heard a thud. followed by a little cry. addison had fallen out of bed. and she woke up in the best mood ever. it was perfect timing! and on the way to the beach, she took one nap. and it was 45 minutes. and she still did awesome on the trip and all that day.

on the way home, she was still awesome. but the girl was worn out. she passed out 5 minutes into the trip home, and seriously slept 75% of the way.

i'm so glad we got to take a little trip to the beach. it was a much needed getaway, and i had really been wanting to take addison to the beach. thanks gigi for taking us!!!

i can't wait to take another beach trip! hopefully the ocean will be more cooperating so we can actually get in and play. but even if it isn't, we'll still have tons of fun!