Monday, July 30, 2012

steppin out saturday {errr, sunday}

on addison: dress, target // shoes, old navy
on me: tank, loft // skirt, target // shoes, no idea {got them from a friend}

linking up with steppin out saturday at harper's happenings.

we didn't actually step out on saturday because addison was with her dad.

but we did step out yesterday!

my step-mom's dad turned 80, so they had a big get together. we went over for the get together and then we all went to dinner at the catfish house.

i made these s'more bars for the party. they were pretty damn good. just a tip, make sure to let them COMPLETELY cool before cutting them. i was in a hurry and cut them before they were completely cool, and let me just tell you. it was a mess. but the other batch cooled completely and wasn't as big of a mess.

i'm an extremely picky eater, and i don't eat meat or fish. so the catfish house probably wouldn't be some place that i would go.

but, i love me some country sides. fried okra & hush puppies are some of my favs. and they have them both there. and they're delicious.

addison ventured out and got catfish. i was kind of worried she wouldn't eat because she can be picky, but she ate it up!

someone has been very lovely recently. and all into giving kisses. which i'm totally ok with. except when she tries to hold the kiss for an awkwardly long amount of time. we're working on that. luckily, this was not one of those times. just a normal lovey kiss :)


Courtney said...

I love your outfit! Hm, I may be running to Target to find that skirt. Your little girl is so precious. Loved your beach pics too. Happy Monday:)

Rebecca said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that skirt! And your hair is beautiful! Sounds like a fun weekend :)

BeautifulByNature said...

This is tooo adorable!!! Lovely pictures and great outfit...colors are gorgeous!!!

bridechilla said...

Found you through The Haps! Following + love your outfit + blog!