Thursday, July 19, 2012

movie day - ice age

leading up to addison's swim lessons, we gave her some incentives to do well.

one of the incentives was getting to go see ice age. she loves the ice age movies, and was so excited about the new one coming out.

even though she had 2 not so great days, she ended the week awesomely. so she got to have her movie day.

before we went, addison took some time to get ready. she had to look her best for the movie. you never know who you're going to see!

she used the little nail polish thing on her vanity as deodorant. seriously hilarious. i was dying watching her rub it on her armpits.

the movie was really cute! i love ice age, too, so i was pretty excited to go see it. of course addison loved it. she ate some popcorn, and i may have snuck some other snacks in for her.

we had a lovely movie day. i love being able to do things like going to the movies with addison. it's one of the many things i love about her growing up. even though i'm sad she's not my baby anymore.

i signed addison up for another week of swim lessons, which will be next week. and i have a feeling addison with rock! i'm sure we'll be able to think of another incentive for her to do well :)