Tuesday, February 4, 2014

catching up - september & october

let's try this again. almost 6 months since i last blogged. oops. i'm going to do some posts just to catch up on lost time. then maybe (hopefully) i'll keep up with blogging from now on.

we go to workshops at home depot and lowes once a month for addison to build things. we go pretty regularly and addison has accumulated a nice collection of useless cute crafts.

i took addison to see beauty and the beast at TPAC at the end of september. it was so good and addison and i both loved it! she did really well and got really into it. i can't wait to take her to more plays (we also went to the nutcracker before christmas - her first time).

i LOVE disney on ice. i think i get equally as excited as addison (maybe even more). addison dressed in her tutu skirt and wore her tiara. her and gigi split a funnel cake (they both LOVE them), and chris and i got to be adults and drink a couple beers. they really are smart for selling beer at the kids things.

halloween!! i kept with my tradition and made addison's costume. she wanted to be tangled, naturally. i got the little crochet top and tulle from etsy. i found a costume that i really liked and thought i could make and i went for it. i think it turned out super cute! it wasn't really all that difficult (once i actually did it. i'm a terrible procrastinator). addison loved it, which is really all that matters.

we went to a halloween party where i wore my dorothy costume from when i was like 7 (thanks mom for making it!). i put out halloween candy at my cube and decorated at work (halloween hello kitty!! i may have a problem). we went to the zoo for their halloween thing again and had lots of fun. addison always gets a kick out of going there and riding the hayride and the spooky carousel. and the candy, of course. she posed with gigi's skeleton flamingos (gigi loves flamingos, if you didn't know). on halloween, addison got sick at school. she ended up missing her school party but felt better later in the day. the weather was supposed to be nasty so we went to city hall for their trick or treating thing and then addison handed out candy all night. i think she likes handing out candy more than going to get candy (she gets to hand it out AND snack on it at the same time - win win).

and some random from october. addison being herself and jumping on her bed. and in her 3d glasses from when we got to go see free birds (for free!) before it came out in the theater.

coming up: november, december, january, and other fun things that happened. woo!