Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the fair! the fair!

we love the fair. we took addison for the first time last year and had so much fun, so i knew i wanted to do it again this year.

we went on a sunday - the weather was perfect {aside from the rain right at the end} and we all got our hands stamped so we could get unlimited rides. addison definitely got the most out of her stamp. my mom and i probably just broke even, but it was much better than having to deal with tickets and such.

addison was big enough {and more adventurous enough} to want to do some other rides. we rode the tilt-a-whirl {or whatever it was called} two times in a row. she was a little scared at first, but after the first time, she ran back in line {and tried to cut some people} because she wanted to ride it again. i'm glad i hadn't had any fair food before that ride because it probably would've made a second appearance.

addison has decided to call the ferris wheel the merry-go-round. luckily we still knew what she was talking about. they had a smaller one that we rode right when we got there, and a big one that we rode towards the end. i'm not going to lie - i was a little scared. not so much before, but when we were on it - no thank you. but we survived. and it was fun. and most importantly, addison loved it.

and of course we got some fair food. my mom loves funnel cakes, so she and addison split one of those. i thought i should try some other fried food that you can only get at the fair {i got a fried snickers last year}, so i got fried reese's. oh. my. god. so good. i don't know if i'll want to try something different next year.

we also got roasted corn right before we left. i'm going to just say we broke even with that and the fried food {even though the corn was dipped in butter}.

i'm already ready to go back next year. who knew i would be so excited about the fair?