Wednesday, August 21, 2013

beach vaca

my mom, addison, and i went to the beach a couple months ago. we went to the same place my mom and i went last summer. lucky for us, the beach trip with addison this year was much less sea-weedy, which meant we spent a lot more time on the beach.

i went on a couple morning runs on the beach.
we had a bunch of fun in the sand.
addison was braver than me and wanted to go far out in the ocean.
we ate at some yummy places.
we went putt putting {addison did much better this year. she even hit a hole in one!}
addison got to put a stingray and touch a snake.
we went to a movie on a rainy day.
we made friends.
and my mom wrote a note in the sand to addison that we could see from the room.

it was a really fun trip. i'm already looking forward to our next trip to the beach {and wishing it would happen soon}.