Thursday, June 11, 2009

ahhh teething

well, since i'm a first time mother, everything when it comes to babies is new to me. i did do my fair share of babysitting, and do have 2 younger cousins. but since i am an only child, i never got to experience watching a child grow. it's so strange to watch addison gain ounce after ounce, pound after pound. i know she won't remember this phase of her life, but i certainly will. it's been so rewarding to watch her develop a personality, and to be able to recognize me. although i do wonder if she knows i'm her mommy, or if she just knows i'm always here and i'm someone she likes.

in the past month or two, addison has been fussy at certain times (more than usual) and has been drooling like crazy! i read about the teething process, and saw that when they do teeth, they tend to drool a lot more. well, this has been going on for addison for a while. and no teeth is sight! i have to assume she is teething, but who knows. i certainly don't. they say teething can go on for months without an actual tooth popping up. i guess i'll just wait and see!