Tuesday, June 11, 2013

sounds game

addison and i got free tickets {5th row on the third base line} thanks to some friends a little over a week ago {score!}. and a bunch of other friends came too. it was also "throwback thursday". aka thirsty thursday. so there were deals on beer and some food. and the weather was fabulous. so we all had a good time!

addison charmed one of my friend's boyfriend into getting her some dippin dots. she's got that affect on my friends. i also got her cotton candy. my dad always told me kids who get cotton candy aren't loved by their parents, which was his was of getting out of ever buying it for me. dad, you'll be happy to know she took about 2 bites and was done.

addison is slightly obsessed with the sounds mascot. she was determined to find him and ended up seeing him a couple times. he gave her a kiss and she wouldn't stop talking about it. i'm glad he wasn't stinky like he was when we went to a game last year.

one of my friends went to take addison to get more food {kid's an endless pit sometimes} and she ended up on getting picked up to get on top of the dugout to dance.

the game didn't end until well past addison's bedtime. but i promised her she could run around the bases, so we stayed until the very end. and addison flew around the bases {i don't think she touched any of them}. she also had a crowd cheering her on.

i'm planning on taking addison to a few more games this season. fun and cheap entertainment!