Friday, March 11, 2011

my new obsession

i really wanted a pair of TOMS for christmas, but i couldn't make up my mind on which ones i wanted and i didn't know what size i'd be. so i kept putting it off, until i finally went somewhere that sold them and tried on a pair. i figured out the size i needed, but they didn't have the color i wanted. so i ordered them online.

and i'm in love with them.

they are so comfy.

and i think i want 2351332532 more pairs!

i got the olive ones (top) but i'm thinking about getting another pair. these are my favorites!!

and i don't want to leave addison out...

i love all of these for her. she may get a pair too!

all found on the TOMS website.

do you have a pair of TOMS? if so, which ones? do you love them as much as i do??


Amber said...

I've been wanting a pair too! So.. how do the sizes run? Do they run small or bigger than the size that you would normally wear? I love them, they look so comfy!