Monday, March 14, 2011

zoo days

my mom signed addison up for a few weeks of classes at the zoo. they're on thursdays while i'm in school, so my mom gets to take her and have some addison/gigi time. they get to color, read books, sing songs, and meet animals!

this past week, since i was on spring break, i got to join them! it was really fun. my mom isn't able to take many pictures when she goes by herself because addison wants to sit with her the whole time, but since i was there, i could take some pictures!

it was cold and kind of rainy that day, so the zoo was pretty dead. we walked around outside for a minute after class, but we didn't stay long. addison loves the monkeys, so she wanted to go see them. unfortunately they don't like cold weather so they were inside. she said "where monkeys go?" constantly when we went to where the monkeys were supposed to be. and she kept asking for the rest of the day. she's a silly girl!


Paige said...

That is so cute and looks like a ton of fun! You and Addison are adorable! I hope she enjoys her classes!