Wednesday, May 9, 2012

addison's first haircut

yesterday, we took addison to get her first haircut.

yes. she's 3 and hasn't had a haircut. but her hair is just so pretty and curly! i was scared that cutting it would mean the curls would disappear.

but her hair was getting a little out of control. it was so tangly. she would scream every time we had to brush it. even when we used detangler, it was still a mess.

so i admitted defeat and we went to great clips.

my mom and i get our hair cut there from a super sweet girl, so that's who cut addison's hair!

and addison loved it!

she cut off about 3 inches, but it's barely noticeable. and her hair still looks curly! score!

next time we get her hair cut, we may try some layers or something fun. you know, girly stuff.