Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ticket for one

yesterday, i had a first.

i saw a movie.

all by myself.

i'm not going to lie. i was kind of looking forward to it.

i took some grapes and cheese for a snack. and some water. i thought about taking wine, but then i thought that it may be a little early in the day to drink {but really, is it ever too early to drink??}.

it was a matinee movie {on a monday, no less}, so i knew there was a possibility that i'd be the only one in there. and that would have been pretty cool. i could've done anything i wanted!! not that there was anything excited i wanted to do in a movie theater by myself.

but, there were 2 other girls in the theater when i got there. and 2 older ladies came in later and sat behind me.

the movie didn't look all that great. but i had finished the book the night before and really wanted to see it.

it wasn't really that bad. it had cheesy moments. i found myself rolling my eyes every time there was a romantic scene. but that's just me, i think.

sitting right in front of the old ladies was entertaining. they were about my granny's age. and they had clearly read the books, because they were chatting throughout the movie. just little things. it was especially funny during the steamy scenes. it felt awkward sitting close to them during those. but funny at the same time, because they had read the books.

this was the first nicholas sparks book/movie that i didn't cry reading/watching. i'm seriously a softy when it comes to books and movies. but this one didn't make me cry. i kind of felt that it was an accomplishment. go me!!

i definitely don't think it will be the last time i go to the movie by myself. it was really relaxing. i do prefer to have friends with me, but something it's nice to just be all by yourself.

now off to find some other books to read!