Tuesday, December 20, 2011

it's santa time

i don't think addison could have been more excited to see santa this year.

when i told her we were going to see santa, i asked what she was going to tell him she wanted. she could only come up with 2 things. a doll and a pink guitar.

when he asked her what she wanted, she got shy and said she didn't know. but after talking to him for a minute, she warmed up and told him her 2 things.

i love the place we go to. we went last year and again this year, and they have been great both times. we didn't have to wait to see santa. and we can take our own pictures!

addison last year with santa.

and the year before that.

funny thing about her wanting a doll. on black friday, my mom told me that american girl was having a sale. so i looked on there, and decided to suggest that papa and mimi {my dad and step mom} get addison a bitty baby for christmas. i also picked out a cute diaper bag and stroller. i figured that if addison got a nice baby doll, we could get rid of the rest and she could just have one.

who would have known that my idea would have been the only thing she wants. the doll, diaper bag, and stroller are already wrapped under papa and mimi's tree. but i talked to them about switching gifts so santa could give her that stuff, and they were fine with it. so i'm just going to wrap some of the gifts i got addison for papa and mimi to give her, and we'll swap.

and i ran out this morning and got a pink guitar. from santa, of course. it's a barbie one. and it's obnoxious. i don't know how long it will last. it may be returned to the store. we'll see.