Thursday, December 15, 2011

rudolph the red nosed reindeer

last week addison had her first school performance.

each of the classes at her school did a different christmas song.

her class sang rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

we had been practicing singing it for a little while.

she was super excited about singing.

all the kids wore christmas pjs. {of course addison needed a new pair for the occasion}.

i was scared she would get stage fright and not want to sing.

some of the kids before her, which were in the younger classes, got upset. nothing too bad though.

let me just say, it was hilarious. she was adorable. as soon as she got up on the stage, she waved at EVERYONE. she was smiling and waving like it was her job.

then when the music started, she stood there and sang and danced. it was adorable. and i couldn't stop laughing. i was so proud. it made me so extremely happy. i can't believe how big she is.

it was a little dark, so the pictures weren't great. but i will never forget the first time she got up on a stage to perform, and just how cute and funny it was.

oh, and i'm pretty sure addison had the most fans. there were 10 of us. me, her dad, my mom, my granny, my step-brother and step-sister, maegen, jenna, haley, and jake. so ya, my child has groupies!