Friday, December 2, 2011

meet jerry + first day of presents

this year we decided to start the elf on the shelf tradition.

we read the book on wednesday and addison named her elf. i have no idea where she comes up with certain names. but we now have elf jerry to look over her and report back to santa.

yesterday morning was the first day he was out, and he was eating breakfast when addison came downstairs.

i'm hoping jerry will encourage addison to be on her best behavior, since he's reporting to santa and all. i know i will be!!

addison also gets a present every day in december until christmas. it was something my mom did for me, so i wanted to do it for addison. i always loved getting to open something every day. they aren't big gifts, just little things from the dollar section of target and such.

so last night she got to open her first present. and she was really excited about it.

she opened green nail polish. i wanted her to open it well before christmas so her nails could be green {kinda christmas-y}, so i'm glad it was her first gift! it's sally hansen insta-dri nail polish. i heard that it actually dries fast {sometimes nail polish doesn't do what it says it does}, so i thought it would be good for addison. since she never sits still and all. i painted her nails last night and it does dry super fast! score.