Thursday, May 16, 2013

i'm DONE!!!


my hooding ceremony was 2 weeks. i decided not to walk at graduation since i walked last year for undergrad and i didn't want to go sit through it again. the hooding ceremony was just for graduate students, so it was much shorter. i still have to go get my diploma though since i didn't walk.

i told addison i was graduating and would be done with school forever. she was so excited! and then she asked when i graduated from work so i would be done with work forever. i wish that's how it worked.

we stopped by to see granny before we went to the ceremony. and then we went to chagos for happy hour. it's a mexican restaurant right by school that some of my friends and i would go to for happy hour. a lot. like to the point that they knew us. i'm gonna miss that place.

it's hard to believe that i'm finally done. and that i have my masters degree!!! in accounting, of all things. but i'm a dork and i kinda love it.

now i just need to finish up the CPA exam, which i CANNOT wait to be done with.

i start work full time in june at the firm i've been interning at. i sometimes stop and think "when did this happen? when did i grow up?". and i have no idea when it happened. well, i may have not grown up completely, but i'm definitely getting there.