Friday, May 17, 2013

mother's day weekend

mother's day weekend started on friday with muffins with mom at addison's school. it was raining that morning and addison has been obsessed with umbrellas lately, so i let her use one to walk to the car.

saturday we had a couple graduation parties to go to. addison was super excited to see everyone.

addison got me a card and painted me a mug for mother's day. i'm a big coffee drinker now, so the mug is perfect. i love it!!

we had a big day with my mom on mother's day. the three of us went to brunch and then went to lion king at TPAC.

it was addison's first time to something like that and she did great! we watched lion king the night before to get her ready for seeing it. she was so into it at the theater! she sat on the edge of her seat and would talk to me about lots of the things that happened.

it was definitely a lot of fun! it's amazing to see how they can make people into animals. and i love all the songs! beauty and the beast will be there this fall, so i'm thinking i'll take addison to see that. i love going to these things just as much as she does. maybe even more.