Friday, May 10, 2013

tools, tea, and a dance party

last saturday we had a big morning.

my mom has taken addison to the kids workshops at lowes and home depot a lot, but i've never taken her because of school. but since school is over now, i took her to one that was at home depot. when my mom takes her, they come home with complicated looking things {and my mom usually tells me that it was slightly difficult to make}. apparently i went on the day they made the easiest thing ever. and i'm not complaining!

after we finished at home depot, we headed home to change for a tea party. my mom found it and signed addison up. it was in one of the historic houses at the park near our house. addison wore a princess dress. and her rain boots. she's too cool. she took her bitty baby {it was an american girl doll tea party}.

addison had a blast! she got to have tea and snacks. and she got to make a craft. and even play a game! although the game had to be inside since it was a wet mess outside.

and then we went home. and had a dance party in the driveway. i couldn't have thought of a better way to end our fun morning.