Wednesday, January 5, 2011


so spur of the moment, i went to chicago for new years.

i had a bunch of friends that were going, but i hadn't planned on joining them. a few days before, i was talking to a few of them and they were trying to get me to go, and i gave in. my friend maria goes to school in chicago and has an apartment up there, so we were all going to pile in at her place for the weekend.

i couldn't leave on thursday when everyone else was leaving, so jenna and maegen stayed and left with me on friday. we left at 4 in the morning. it was quite early, but we got there by 11:30, so that was good. the drive was looooooong. there weren't many cars on the road since it was so early so it made the drive a little better.

i got bored and tried to take pictures in the dark. and this is what i got...

just playing around. and then we saw a rainbow. lovely! when we stopped at a gas station, i hopped out to take a picture of the rainbow. the guy at the gas station thought i was taking a picture of the highway. i'm not that weird, right? actually, i am. but the highway wasn't picture worthy that time.

so, we get to chicago and relax for a while and then get ready to go out. we went to dinner, then went back to maria's for new years. everyone went out after for a little while, but i stayed in. i've been sick and i was worn out from the day. party pooper, i know. i passed out on the couch (at least i got to claim a good sleeping spot!) around 1 and that was my new years!

it was a lot of fun though! new years day was spent just hanging around. we went shopping for a bit and had a nice lunch, then we went to a bulls game! it was last minute (see a theme??), but it was so worth it! i was kind of hesitant about spending money to go, but i'm really glad i did.

we went and got bulls gear before the game. most of us got a t-shirt or a hat. and we all sported a bulls tattoo.


maria's cousin, jake, bought floor seats. he ended up having to buy 2, so we rotated who went down there and sat with him. i think 5 different girls sat with him all together. he's a pimp, huh? ha! it was so cool though! i was in awe.

see how close we were? amazing.

i took my camera but never ended up taking pictures with it. i just used my phone.

this is the view from maria's place. you can see lake michigan...

4 of us left sunday, and amy and i decided to make a quick shopping run before we left. we took a cab to h&m and i snapped a few pictures while we were waiting to get a cab to go back to maria's. so pretty!

and now for the pictures from the ride home. there are these huge, awesome looking windmills in indiana that really amazed me. we saw them on our way to chicago, but i didn't take pictures until the drive back. there are so many of them!

so that was my new years, and my trip to chicago! it was a lot of fun!! chicago is a pretty amazing city.


Paige said...

I love spur of the moment trips! It sounds like so much fun. I'm glad to see that you had fun!!