Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow day

i was kind of doubtful that we were actually going to get any snow, but we did! addison was supposed to have her first day of MDO yesterday, but that was cancelled. i kind of figured it would be because they cancel school with the drop of the smallest snowflake. the county was even out again today! luck ducks.

we went to bed sunday night (pretty late, i might add) with no snow, and woke up with about an inch (maybe an inch and a half. i don't know).

and of course we had to play in it!!

after we had breakfast, we got suited up. we don't get much snow so i don't have much snow gear. addison has a pair of snow boots and a snowsuit that my mom got her at a yard sale, so she was set. i just wore some long johns under my jeans and my old uggs and i did alright. i think i may ask for a pair of hunter boots for my birthday (which is less than a month away!!), and those will be good in the snow.

ok, back to yesterday...

addison loved it. i didn't doubt that she would. remember last year? ya, she threw a fit when she had to go inside last year. she didn't this year though, thankfully!

we tried the disc, but she wasn't a fan of it when she was on it by herself. i ended up having to ride it with her while my mom pulled us along (which was pretty funny).

my mom got on the disc with addison, too!

she even made a snow angel. she wasn't a big fan of it though. she didn't like laying down.

she was pretty tired after about 30 minutes and she told us she was "all done". she was even helped take the disc inside. so cute!

and then i snapped some pictures of the snow. you knew i would :)


Haley said...

That is so precious! I can't wait till Jacob finds interest in playing in the snow. He's been sick lately so they didn't even wanna risk it, can't blame em. That's so cute that she pulled the disk in. Ha!

Paige said...

How fun! It makes me so jealous that you guys have more snow than we do! Playing in the snow with the kiddos, is SO much fun!