Friday, January 14, 2011

rice krispies

addison loves food.

she especially loves dessert foods.

who doesn't? well, i'm sure there are a few weirdos people that don't like dessert food.

addison love marshmallows. i actually think she has a sort of obsession with them.

which means she loves rice krisipe treats.

and she likes to help make them, too.

and what kind of cook would she be if she didn't taste what she made to make sure it was perfect??


Rachel said...

Now I'm totally craving some Rice Krispies! She is so precious. Looks like y'all had a fab time :)

Amber said...

Look at that sweet face! She's a doll!

I'm the same way, with the obsession with marshmallows. I eat them as snacks. I grab the bag, sit down and mean to eat a couple and before I know it, the bag is completely empty. Ooops! :-/

Leslie said...

She is so precious!!

I haven't done rice krispies with my little one, but I bet she would love them too!