Thursday, January 13, 2011

what a walk

so, today is my first day of class. woo hoo! not.

last night, i decided to be a good student and find out where my classes are. all of mine last semester (except for my night class) were in the same building.

this semester, not so lucky.

i have 3 in the same building. but i'm taking 5 classes during the day and a night class. the other 2 are in 2 different buildings. total of 3 buildings. yippee.

oh, and the best part. i have to go all the way across campus. i think it's even further than across campus. it's like across town.

just have a look. i start down at the bottom dot and have to go to the top one. then i have to go back to the bottom one.

i really don't think the picture does it much justice. i'm really dreading it. especially since it's going to be so cold. luckily i get 15 minutes between classes, so that should be enough time to get there.

hopefully this will be a nice workout for me. with my 50 lb backpack, it definitely will be.

here's to some nicer legs, and maybe even some ankles (if you know me, you know what i mean).


Haley said...

I had that similar issue when I was at UTC. I would have a class at the EMCS and have a ten minute break to make it up cardiac hill and to fletcher. Then when those classes were finished I wouldnhave to make my way back to the EMCS then walk all the way back to UTC place. I tired my hardest to look at it as exercise, but I still dreaded it!