Friday, February 25, 2011

and there's more...

addison started getting better monday. she wasn't as fussy and was starting to get back to her normal self.

and then thursday she had nasty gooey stuff coming out of her eyes. it wasn't a ton, but enough to where i had to clean it out every once in a while.

and then my mom said it was probably pink eye.


so i got up early this morning and called to get addison an appointment with the doctor. when i got her up, her eyes wouldn't open because of the goo. she didn't freak out or anything though. she let my mom and i clean it off.

and off to the doctor we went. sure enough, she has pink eye in both eyes. poor girl.

it really doesn't seem to bother her. except when i had to put the eye drops in. she didn't like that.

hopefully the drops will work and it will go away in the next couple of days.

and hopefully we've got all the sickness out for the year!!


Amber said...

Poor Addison can't catch a break! If she cooperates each time you guys need to put the drops in, the pink eye will be gone in no time! :)