Friday, February 11, 2011

i spy a little girl who feels better

this past week while addison has been sick, the only thing she's wanted to do is watch elmo and mickey. and any movie she can name off (toy story, cars, nemo). she didn't really have much of an appetite either.

this morning, i took her to get donut holes and she inhaled them. she had probably 10.

and she didn't say mickey or elmo at all this morning! we just played with her toys and didn't have to watch tv.

can you spot her among all of her toys? i think she dumped out almost all of her baskets...

she then decided to play with mommy's purse. i told her she could play with it for a few pictures, but then i was taking it away. it's my second baby. oh, and notice the undies she has on over her pjs. those are for a teddy bear, and she decided to fit her big butt in them.

she's still a little sick, hence the snot bubble, but i think we've made it to the getting better part of the sickness. yay!

we're just going to hang out at home this weekend. we don't have any big plans or anything. hopefully addison will be able to go to school monday for the first time in a week and a half! i know we both need it!


Young and Fabulous said...

haha you have the cutest child ever!

glad she is feeling better! and those undies look so cute haha