Monday, February 7, 2011

at least it's not strep

well, addison got over her stomach bug on thursday and moved on to another sickness on saturday.

she woke up saturday with a fever, but didn't act like she felt sick. she got a little sick (not the throw-up kind, but the other kind. know what i mean??) but that only happened once, thankfully.

we went to see my granny and she ran around and played, and she took a good nap when we got home. she still had a fever, but she seemed to be ok.

after her nap, she got up and just wanted to cuddle. by that time, her fever had gotten a little worse and she was really tired. she laid on the couch until she went to bed. that is so not like her. she just laid there and watched toy story.

i put her to bed and went up to check on her and she was still hot and was having a hard time getting comfy, so i ended up letting her sleep on me in her chair. we did that for a little while, and then we went and slept in my bed. she looked so cute all cuddled up! for a small girl, she took up almost the whole bed. she did sleep pretty well, but i didn't.

she woke up again and wanted to go to her bed, so i put her in her crib and she passed out. and of course i passed out in my bed, too.

unfortunately, she decided she wanted to wake up early. i heard her cry a little around 7:15, then all i heard was "mickey mouse. mickey mouse. mickey mouse." she loves mickey mouse. and elmo. especially when she's sick.

so we got up and watched mickey mouse. she didn't really eat much, but she didn't have a fever and she played like normal. she did start having a bad cough and a runny nose.

her fever came back last night, but it wasn't as bad as it was saturday night. she didn't sleep too well, but she stayed in her bed the whole time.

i decided not to take her to mdo this morning and instead we went to the doctor. that was the 2nd time she's been in less than a week.

she didn't eat breakfast, so that was the main reason i took her. i didn't know if it was something more serious than just a little cold.

she wasn't too happy to be there because when my mom took her on thursday, she had to get a shot. the doctor today was really nice, but addison wasn't too fond of him. he did a strep test, and thankfully that came back negative.

he said that it's just a virus and that she should be progressively getting better over the next few days. we'll know she's getting better once she gets her appetite back.

hopefully she doesn't have a bad fever tonight and she'll sleep good. and maybe she'll eat lots today!

oh, and on another note, we're supposed to be getting more snow. schools are already closing early, so i'm glad i ended up not taking her to mdo!! maybe i'll get a snow day tomorrow! but i doubt it.

only 2 more days until my birthday!