Monday, April 26, 2010

addison hearts mexicans

when addison was about 8 months (i'm just guessing. it was when she had her helmet), we had an incident at a local mexican restaurant.

we sat down to eat, and the waiter came over and started talking to addison. he was trying to play with her, and she wanted nothing to do with him. she started screaming and crying. but as soon as he walked away, she was fine.

of course he had to come back with our drinks and food, and every time he would try to play with her.

and every time she would scream and cry.

i was almost to the point of telling him dude. can't you see she doesn't like you? leave her alone!! but i didn't.

since then, we haven't had any problems at mexican restaurants. addison still seems a bit wary when the waiter tries to play with her, but she hasn't screamed or cried. she just gives them the look like what do you think you're doing??

fastforward to the a few weeks ago.

i had to take my granny's comcast box back because she switched services. and i had addison with me.

i managed to hold her and the box just long enough to get inside. there was a line, and i knew i couldn't hold both the box and addison while we waited, so i just put her down beside me. she was just standing and holding on to my leg while we waited.

then someone walks in and got behind us in line. i didn't pay any attention or look. but then addison started playing peekaboo with whoever was behind us. so i looked and it was a mexcian man (i guess i should probably say hispanic man. you get the point), probably a just few years older than me. i kind of laughed and then didn't really think anything of it. addison was entertaining herself, so i didn't really care.

and then addison let go of my leg and started walking.

she walked up to the mexican man and put her hands out like she wanted to be picked up...

...and he picked her up.

it all happened so fast. i was just standing there like what's going on? what do i do? this is really awkward.

i couldn't easily take her from him because i was still holding the huge comcast box. i just stood there speechless for a second what seemed like forever wondering what to say.

the whole time he was looking at me like is this ok? and i was thinking this is SO weird.

after what seemed like hours, i ended up just awkwardly saying come on addison, to which i motioned for her to come stand next to me. mexican dude got the hint and put her down.

as soon as it was our turn, i put the box up and picked addison up. i didn't want a repeat of what she had done. not that there was anything wrong with it. it was just really awkward for me.

now that i'm typing the story, i can't stop laughing. it was just so funny. i mean, it wasn't really funny at the time. but now that i look back on it, it's pretty funny. i'm sure she'll do lots of stuff that makes me feel awkward in the future. i can't wait.


Shannon said...

That does sound awkward but in the funny sense...Those ummm what do I do moments are never funny at the time but upon later reflection can usually make you smile. We had a similar experience at a Mexican restaurant with the waiter wanting to play and mess with GG. Fortunately and unfortunately, for us GG has never met a stranger she doesn't like. Yikes!

Alice said...

Definitely awkward! I wouldn't have known what to do either. I would have wanted to say "How dare you touch my child!" but I wouldn't have. Haha.

Summer said...

That does sound awkward! I wouldn't have known what to do or say! I probably would have been babbling on all while trying to get my Kelcee back all while thinking "what in the world is this man thinking?" ha! ha!

Yup this is probably just the first of funny things she will do , yesterday we went to Wally World and it was pretty early like 9ish and Kelcee wanted popcorn and I told her it was old, which it wasn't but I just didn't want her to have it that early, she was fine with it so I thought! As we proceeed to check out later a manager and a cashier was checking us out and Kelcee looked at them and said "ma'am the popcorn old, can I have new please" ha! The manager was going to go and say something and after I gained my composure of laughing I told her it really wasn't old....hahahahhaha

See wait til she starts talking....then you are gonna want to hide under the buggy LOL

Summer :0)

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

Too funny, I was already laughing at the subject line of the post. haha