Saturday, April 17, 2010

a few pictures

i forgot about these pictures i took of addison. there aren't many because she didn't want to stay still for very long. but they will have to do for now :)

she loves playing with my phone. she's learned how to unlock it and she plays music and dances. it's pretty cute.

i got some good pictures of addison in her swing yesterday and i'll post them soon! hope everyone has a great weekend!!


leigh ashley said...

she's so beautiful!

Judi said...

Wonder where she gets that phone fetish??:) She's a cutie, just like her mom!

Summer said...

What a cutie just like her mommy! That last pic Bailey she looks just like you girlie! She is so stinkin cute! I love her little outfit!

Hope you are having a fab weekend
Summer ;0)

Haley said...

She's absolutely presh!!!!

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

Bailey, shes getting so big!!