Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what is that i smell?

a skunk??

yes. a skunk.

no. i didn't get sprayed. thank god.

i was outside at my mom's house taking pictures. i was bored and just wanted to take pics because it looked pretty outside.

i heard this rustling in the bushes over by my mom's side deck. it kind of startled me because no one was home and it sounded like something big making the noise.

i slowly tiptoed over to see what it was. i saw this white tail and i thought maybe it was a cat.

then i looked a little closer. no, i didn't walk closer. i'm not that stupid. i just focused a little more on the animal, and it was a skunk.

and i ran inside. quietly. it seriously scared me. a lot.

i've never seen a skunk...alive. i've seen them dead in the road. i've even gone up to look at one. yes, i'm weird. but i was like 12. it was at the entrance at the park and me and my friends walked over and looked at it. it was pretty creepy.

but this skunk was definitely alive. and doing something in my mom's yard.

when i first spotted it, i took a few pictures. but i wasn't close and the zoom on my camera didn't do much for me.

you can see his tail in these pictures. i've pointed it out for you :)

once i got inside, i decided that i wanted to try and get some better pictures. yes, i'm that stupid.

i slowly and quietly walked back out to where i saw the skunk. of course i kept my distance. but he wasn't there. i couldn't hear or see him. i was immediately even more scared then when i first saw him.

where was he?

i started looking around and didn't see him anywhere. yes, i've determined it is a boy skunk. because i want it to be.

so i ran back inside. again.

i called to tell my mom so she would be on the alert when she got home.

since then, every time i leave my mom's house or walk in, i'm kind of scared. i'm hoping the skunk is in the neighbor's yard or something, but i just have this feeling that he's coming after me.

let's hope not!


Alice said...

Hahaha! Don't worry, I've never heard of a skunk deliberately going after a human. Unless you really bother him, I'm sure you'll be fine. :)

Jenn said...

Eek! I would of freaked out! But at least a skunk is your worry when coming home...we have to worry about BLACK SNAKES!! YIKES!