Wednesday, April 28, 2010

stroller-ing and hanger-ing

my mom got addison a play stroller at a garage sale last weekend. addison has been playing with it and pushing it all throughout the house.

i was wondering when she would try to climb into it, and today was the day.

i didn't really want her playing in it, but i had to get a few pictures before i made her get out. she was pretty content just sitting there.

a little bit later she decided to help me fold her laundry. she absolutely LOVES hangers. if only she actually knew how to hang clothes properly. sigh.

on an unrelated note, tomorrow is my last biology test! we had our last lab test yesterday, and i made a 97!! woo hoo!! hopefully i'll do just as well on the lecture test tomorrow! after that, i'll be done with biology forever!!!


Jenn said...

Hahah she looks so cute in that stroller!

Summer said...

O.K. I just laughed right out loud 'cause Kelcee has that same stroller and she does the same thing! It is ha-larious! She also has the baby rocker bed for her dolly and she trys to get in it to is really funny!

Love this post too cute
Summer :0)