Friday, April 23, 2010

sicky vicky

apparently i've been watching too much disney. i've been trying to not turn the tv on as much, and i've been doing pretty good the past few days. i don't mind having it on when addison and i are playing, but if i'm doing homework or doing stuff on the computer, i usually just leave it on in the background. but i've been trying to turn it off. key word trying. but whenever the tv is on, it's always on disney. don't judge me

i've been sick this whole week :( poor me. i haven't been sick in quite a while, so i knew it was coming. it was just some sinus/allergy thing. i've been taking medicine, and that seems to be helping. but last night and today i've started to feel worse. i'm just so excited about being done with school that i don't really mind being sick. sickness, you can't bring me down!

as i sit here typing this, it's starting to get windy outside. there are supposed to be some strong storms moving in tonight/tomorrow, and i'm definitely not looking forward to it. i hate storms. i mean, i like rain, but storms are totally different. i have this fear of tornadoes, and storms bring tornadoes. i'll elaborate on that another time. i'm just hoping the storms aren't that bad and don't last that long. we'll see!

and to continue this totally random post (i think that's what happens when i'm sick. my mind just goes all over the place), i'll show lots of pictures of addison from earlier today! i'm going to be taking lots of pictures like i used to.

my mom got her this cute outfit (and some other cute stuff) from the children's place the other day. and chris took addison on a shopping spree the other day too! so addison is totally set for summer. not like she wasn't before, but now she has an overflowing closet. i'm kind of jealous.

my mom has this card that plays music. you know what i'm talking about? well, addison loves it. it plays kokomo by the beach boys (which is one of my favorite songs) and addison will just open and close it (and dance to the music) all day long!

and as a result of addison teething, everything eventually goes in her mouth...

and then she went and found something she wasn't supposed to have...

...and put it in her mouth.

that's been happening a lot lately. i always tell her no and then she just puts it in her mouth that much faster. and then i have to fish it out of her mouth.

and i just wanted to show you how cute addison looked. she wouldn't look at me, so that was the best i could do.


Shannon said...

Such cute pics, love her outfit! Hope you feel better soon! We're supposed to get strong storms too, actually they've already begun. Yikes, stay dry this weekend!

Summer said...

Addison is just presh and I love her outfit! She is seriously cracking me up in the pics opening and closing that card because I bought Kelcee a card with music for Valentine's Day that sang you are my Sunshine and she opened it and closed it over and over and over and over well I bet you know all to well ha ha

I hope you get over your sickies soon! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! It really means alot to me :0)

Have a great weekend girlie
Summer :0)