Friday, April 16, 2010

only 2 more weeks!!

i will be out for the summer in 2 weeks. yippee!!

it can't come soon enough. but this semester really has flown by for me. it's hard for me to believe that i only have 2 weeks left. but then i remember that i have 4 more semesters left of school.

i'm just going to concentrate on these next 2 weeks, and then i'll have a few months to just relax.

sorry i haven't been posting much lately. i'm trying to finish up everything and i've been pretty busy (and lazy). but i promise that i will be posting a TON this summer!! promise.

and i know. you probably hate me because i haven't posted any new pictures of addison. i've been trying to take some, but she won't stay still!! i'll get some pics soon. i promise!

while we're talking about addison, she's been all over the place lately. she's trying to run, which is pretty funny to watch. and she's falling more and more, but she's good at catching herself and she doesn't hurt herself (most of the time). she's also getting her molars. one of the bottom ones is already cut, but i can feel the other bottom one coming in. and it kind of feels like the top ones are coming in too. oh joy. and she loves throwing fits now. i just laugh. can't wait for her teenage years!!


leigh ashley said...

haha!! i like watching my best friend's toddler throw fits. i have to stifle my laughs. she handles it so well... as i'm sure you do!! :)

Summer said...

Woo Hoo almost out for the Summer! That rocks! Yep ya gotta post some pics of that precious girl of yours soon ;0)

I remember when Kelcee threw her first fit and now oh my goodness the drama she puts into her

Awww hope she gets those molars in quick, Kelcee had a time with hers....bless her heart we were up lots of sleepless nights with them!

Have a great weekend girlie
Summer :0)

Haley said...

Aww I wanna meet little Addison. We should definately have a bloggy meet up (or ya know just old friends catching up...)!

Also I can't wait fir the summer just to read ur blog lol I'll be honest...I've been having my fair share of withdrawals!