Friday, August 21, 2009

9 months

today i took addison to her 9 month well-baby visit. i had a few questions for the doctor, but they were just 'this is my first baby, i don't know what to expect' kind of questions. the doc said she was looking great. she's got a big head (because of all the brains in there). she's actually in the 98 percentile for her head. lucky for me, she didn't have to get any shots. i don't do well with shots, so i didn't expect addison to do well either. but the doc did tell me she would get some on her next visit (which is at 1 year). so i'll make sure to bring chris with me that time!

addison is now used to having the cast on her leg. she actually likes to bang it against her crib or against the floor. i don't know if it feels good to do that, or if she just likes hearing the noise. it's kind of funny, because i can tell when she's awake before she starts babbling. all i hear are loud bangs. hopefully i won't hear those for a while though, because she should take a LONG nap this afternoon. and maybe i'll take one too.......