Monday, August 24, 2009

oh monday

why do i hate mondays so much? probably because it means it's the end of the weekend. even though i don't work (at least don't have a paying job....being a stay at home mom is a lot of work), it seems like mondays aren't much fun.

well, my day started early (for me at least). addison had an appointment with her helmet doctor. chris was off today, so i didn't have to take her by myself. the first time we went, it took a little while for us to be called back to a room. but today, it didn't take long at all. so i thought 'this is going to be a good day'. well, it wasn't that bad of a day, but still not great. we talked to the doc. he said her head looks like it's shaping well already. which is good. maybe addison will get out of the helmet sooner than we thought. after we talked to the doc, we headed to restorative health, which is where the helmets are actually made and adjusted. by this time, it was a little past addison's nap time, but she really didn't care. we weren't there very long, and then we headed home.

addison went down for her nap right after we got home. well, actually in the car if that counts. i had some things to do - go to the bank and go to school - that i wanted to get done while addison was napping. i was going to wait until her afternoon nap, but chris suggested i go then (right after we got home). so, i did.

when i got to the bank, chris hadn't signed the check so i couldn't deposit it...pretty wasted trip. then, when i went to school to pick get my parking pass and ID, the office was closed until 1. of course i was there at 12. one hour before they reopened. ughhhh. so those were completely wasted trips. it was just one of those days where it seemed like it was going to be good, then turns out not so much.

the day went on. i went to school and was able to get everything i was after. chris helped out and gave addison her bath. and i made one of my favorite meals for dinner. wanna guess what it is?? well i'll go ahead and tell you. it's mac and cheese. yumm. i think that's the first thing i learned how to make. that and brownies. yumm too. hmm...maybe i'll make some of those tonight too....probably not. i'm extremely sleepy. yawn.

oh, and another thing NOT to look forward to. school starts in a week. yes, just one more week of summer. yet another reason to dislike mondays!