Monday, August 17, 2009

growing pains

wow! babies grow so fast. it's crazy. addison was teeny tiny when she was born, and now she's HUGE! well not really huge, but she's getting bigger. i feels like it was just yesterday when she was still in my belly.

well anyways, growing babies equals a lot of shopping. and the shopping is usually done with my mom. i'm really lucky i have her, because she loves to spoil addison. once addison got her helmet, we took her shopping for some new clothes to match. and man did she rack up (as she usually does). we always pick out clothes that are the next size up (so the last time we went, we got 12 month clothes since addison was 8 months). our, or should i say addison's, favorite stores are carter's and the children's place. they have the cutest clothes!

addison will be 9 months on friday (and we'll be going to the doctor that day too). when we went last week about her leg, they still weighed her. she's almost 21 lbs!! and now, she's wearing some of her 12 month clothes! she can still fit into her 9 month stuff, but she's moving up! she's almost as big as i was at her age! maybe she'll be able to beat me :)