Saturday, August 29, 2009

my saturday

well, i got most of my stuff done. still doing the laundry. need to clean a little more tomorrow. but won't take long. and i still have to order the pics. i did make the macaroni salad, but am too tired to post how to make it. no worries, that's also on my list of things to do tomorrow :)

today is my 'get stuff done' day. i have a ton of things to do. and since school is starting on monday, i figured today would be a good day to just get it all out of the way. i decided to make a list, so that i would (maybe) get it all done. so, here it goes....

1. do laundry - i have 5 loads left to go
2. put up laundry - i could do laundry all day. it's the putting up that i hate
3. clean house - all the house. i mean, every room, everything. i'm going to make my house spotless. let's see how long that lasts
4. order pictures
5. go to target
6. make macaroni salad

i'm not doing them in any order. just what i can do at the moment. addison is a great helper...or should i say, observer. hopefully it all gets done!

oh, and if i actually get to making the macaroni salad, i'll share the recipe. it's yummy. kind of a summery, but i'm still hanging on to the last bit of summer that's left :)


Judi said...

I'll bet Addison is a great helper:) If you get a picture of that macaroni salad maybe I can link it to my Meatless Monday post, please?

bailey said...

sure! it's really good. i'll post how to make it tomorrow with some pics...i'm too tired to do it all tonight.